Spotlight on Ireland at Cartoon Forum- Jam Media ‘Snoozeville’


Jam Media will pitch ‘Snoozeville’ on Wednesday 14th at 12.15 in the Blue Room.

Target Audience: 6-9 years

This comedic, nonsensical series follows three best friends ­ Kip is a goofy, carefree ten­year­old who with his buddies, Pillow and Digi, just wants to… Live the Dream. Pillow is a laid back memory foam pillow, who always provides laughter, not to mention luxurious comfort and support.  Digi, on the other hand, is an easily wound up alarm clock, who is a stickler for time and gets frustrated by the ever changing rules of the world. These likely bedfellows chase the dream of one day climbing the social ladder in the surreal world of Snoozeville.  However, can they dodge Scary Mary and her shady shapeshifting brothers who are hell bent on turning this dream into a nightmare? So close your eyes and open your heart to these three dreamers…

JAM Media, with operations in both Ireland and the United Kingdom, is one of the leading creators and producers of multi­award winning animated and live action content for the children’s and pre­school audience.  Priding itself on delivering high quality, innovative, story driven brands across multiple platforms revolving around engaging characters with humour at its heart. The company fully controls and exploits all commercial opportunities arising from its intellectual properties through strategic relationships with all parties including broadcasters, digital platform providers, publishers, and licensing & merchandising partners across the globe. The company has produced a number of original television series including the BAFTA® winning, Roy, Baby Jake, PICME, Funky Fables, Tilly & Friends and enjoys excellent collaborative relationships with key broadcasters and ‘like minded’ partners around the globe. JAM Media have recently finished production on ‘The Roy Files’ 15 x 14 min for CBBC and ‘Zig and Zag’ 52 x 11min animated TV series for CBBC and RTE. JAM Media’s current properties in production, ‘Little Roy’, ‘Zogcast’ and ‘Becca’s Bunch’ have been very enthusiastically received by the children’s broadcast community in addition to it’s latest slate of development projects.

Contact Information


Alan Shannon CCO / DIRECTOR

Mark Cumberton, COO / PRODUCER

John Reynolds Chief Commercial Officer