Spotlight on Ireland at Cartoon Forum- Keg Kartoonz ‘Zombabies’


Keg Kartoonz will pitch ‘Zombabies’ on Wednesday the 14th at 3.30 in the Pink Room.

Target Audience: 6- 9 years old

Series: 26 x 12 mins

An aristocratic family who have lived on a vast estate for generations have fallen on hard times and have been forced to sell off much of their land. Their old mansion has been condemned and the family moves into one of the many new generic houses built on their former land. Being of proud and noble stock, moving in amongst the great unwashed offers many challenges for the family. The fact that they are a  family of ZOMBIES really puts the cat among the pidgeons and they are confronted by many obstacles and adversaries as they try to integrate. But with the zombie kids’ (affectionately called her ‘Zombabies’ by their mother) intervention they always manage to muddle through.




Noel Kelly
Creative Director/Producer
Adrian Mulvey