Spotlight on Ireland at Cartoon Forum- Salty Dog Pictures ‘The Mooneys’

Salty Dog Pictures will pitch The Mooneys (6 x 25min series) on Wednesday at 11am in the Pink Room.

Target Audience: Prime Time Family

It’s the year 2090 and the world’s fossil fuels have run dry. The earth is plagued by war, mass migrations and the lack of a good prime time animated series; but all is not lost. Scientists have discovered vast amounts of Helium-3 on the moon. This rare element is the key to a limitless power supply and world domination.

Before World War broke out over moon mining rights the UN came up with a splendid solution:  a reality TV competition on the moon – winner takes all.

Each country gets to have one family represent it and the last survivor wins. Unfortunately for Ireland, their chances of winning begin with one miscreant family: The Mooneys.

Salty Dog Pictures was founded in 2013 by Director and Producer team, Clifford Parrott and Deirdre Barry. The studio was set up to develop, finance and produce original animation and live action programming, as well as to work with international partners on co-productions and service work.

Producer Contact Details: Deirdre Barry –