CRYPTIX: The Stuff of Legends heads to Cartoon Forum this coming September 2021

CRYPTIX is another TV Series in development from Pink Kong Studios. This September the series will launch its proof-of-concept trailer at the world-renowned market in Toulouse at Cartoon Forum 2021.

More about the series:

Why is it that Unicorns, Nessie or a Yeti have never been caught…because they are stealthy Kick-Ass Ninjas of course! With the realms in peril, The Cryptix seek a human to join their ranks. They set their sights on “Johnny Von Deadly”, 90’s action hero, full-time single Dad. In a twist of fate, his clumsy 13-year-old daughter Dani Daly accidentally accepts the role of “Realm Defender” in his stead. She is now the chosen one! OMG! She always believed monsters were real! This is awesome! Dani is a die-hard try-hard kid who puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Cryptix is an epic high-kicking, father-daughter, comedy adventure series that roots for the underdog. 

Producer: Pink Kong Studios
Target: 9 to 11
Style: 2D animation
Format: 20 x 22 minutes
Status: In development, with a bible complete and a trailer launching in September 2021. Looking for co-producers, distributors, and broadcasters.
Delivery: 2023

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