Piranha Bar: Ready Steady Pitch! @Cartoon Forum-10:45am in the Purple Room

The Monster Trucks

In a world inhabited by machines on wheels, the Monster Trucks are nocturnal heroes led by Trackula who hold out against the Monster Truck-hating Van Hellsing, leader of a vast corporate entity controlling the lives of ordinary trucks diesel, parts, roads and anything Truck-related. If he could just harness the power of the moon like our Monster Trucks do, he’d be unstoppable! Our heroes foil Van Hellsing at every turn, thanks in part to keeping The Key - which captures the lunar power secret, giving our heroes a special ability that they utilize in the fight against Van Hellsing. Our series follows the madcap adventures of Trackula and his crew, as they pull out all the stops to keep Van Hellsing from obtaining the key, and taking over the Truck world Truckslyvania.

TV series – 26 x 11′ – Children 6-11 – 3D Computer

Pitching in the Purple Room on Thurs 14th Sept @10.45am

PRODUCER: Piranha Bar