Kite Entertainment +Turnip & Duck: Ready Steady Pitch! @Cartoon Forum- 3pm in the Pink Room

Brain Freeze High

In a post-truth world where facts and scientific knowledge are no longer valued, an elite group of 8 year olds are chosen to attend the most high-flying science school in the known universe – Brain Freeze High! Floating high above the clouds and led by the gifted Doctor Knowles and her not-so-gifted sidekick Professor McCork, Brain Freeze High’s mission is to educate Earth’s next generation of super scientists, and stop the march of General Blowhard, the media megalomaniac whose alternative facts are turning the world stupider by the minute! Can these young cadets earn their scientific stripes in time to reclaim the truth and save the world from disappearing into a ball of nonsense?

TV series – 26 x 11′ – Children 6-11

2D Computer – 3D Computer- Puppets – Cross-media concept

Pitching in the Pink Room on Thurs 14th Sept @3pm

PRODUCER: Kite Entertainment  &  Turnip & Duck