View of a sunrise on a distant planet system in space

The live action shoot for ‘Nova Jones’ 10 x 24 for CBBC/RTE commenced in October 2020 in Belfast and Dublin and wrapped in January 2021. Nova Jones began its 4 month shoot on October 12th as one of the first — if not the first — live-action productions to begin filming in Ireland since the coronavirus pandemic brought film and television production to a sudden halt in mid-March 2020. 

This 10 x 24-minute hybrid musical series follows 18-year-old pop star Nova Jones and her tween sister on a concert tour through the galaxy. On her space tour, she drops out of this world singles, killer albums, and plays sell-out gigs to her fans across the universe. Nova Jones is the biggest star in the galaxy. 

JAM are committed to fostering a thriving, more sustainable animation, television and digital media production industry. With this in mind we decided to plant a tree for every member of the crew working on this production through the National Trust during National Tree Week.