Little Moon Animations and Kavaleer Shows Listed on Top 10 RTEjr Shows!

Absolutely thrilling news! It’s a moment of celebration for Animation Ireland members as the fantastic creations of Little Moon Animation and Kavaleer have soared to new heights! Fia’s Fairies and BoyGirlDogCatMouseCheese have earned a place on spot in the prestigious RTEjr’s Top 10 Shows of 2023 round up, alongside shows such as Peppa Pig and Bluey.

In the magical realm of Fia’s Fairies, whimsical adventures unfold, where enchanting fairies sprinkle a dash of magic and mischief. Little Moon Animation has concocted a delightful potion that seems to have worked wonders, landing them a well-deserved spot among the cream of the crop in children’s entertainment.

Meanwhile, Kavaleer has unleashed the quirky and lovable crew of BoyGirlDogCatMouseCheese onto the scene. This animated spectacle is a rollercoaster of laughs, friendship, and a generous sprinkle of cheese, making it an instant hit with kids and parents alike. Move over, mundane cartoons—there’s a new gang in town, and they’ve got all the ingredients for an animated extravaganza!

Congratulations to Little Moon Animation and Kavaleer for this achievement!