Lighthouse Studios welcomes “Little Ellen” into the world

After over a year of animating Little Ellen from home, the crew at Lighthouse Studios were excited to see the first batch of episodes hit screens in September. The show is one of the first Warner Bros. Animation produced series created for Warner Media’s streaming service HBO Max under the Cartoonito brand and features a young Ellen DeGeneres as she navigates the world with her trusted companions, Becky and Freckle. 

Little Ellen represents Lighthouse Studio’s third venture into the world of kids TV programming, with two further productions set for release next year. The series has been widely praised for its educational content and diverse representations. “It’s right up our street in terms of content” Claire Finn, Lighthouse Studios’ MD said recently. “High-quality animation with a thoughtful, diverse and inclusive message.” 
More episodes of Little Ellen are scheduled to drop over the coming months.