Kavaleer announce exciting new shows coming in 2022

Kavaleer launched ‘Adam ♥Adventure!’ at Cartoon Forum in September. The show stars Late Late Toy Show and ‘Virtual Hug’ hero Adam King as the captain of his very own spacecraft, his ongoing mission to meet new alien civilizations and spread his message of empathy across the universe.

The show was selected as Glance Insights’ ‘pick’ of Forum and was spotlighted in their Global Trends showcase at MIPCOM. Kavaleer have since presented the property at Cartoon 360 in Lille and will present again as part of the ‘Business of Diversity’ panel at Cartoon Business in December. The show has been met with significant pre-interest from broadcast, distribution and publishing and Kavaleer expect to begin preproduction on an initial run of episodes in Q3 2022

‘Adam Saves Christmas!’ will premiere on RTEJr on Christmas Eve 2021

Announced on The Late Late Show on November 5th, ‘Adam Saves Christmas!’ will premiere on RTEJr on Christmas Eve 2021. The 9 minute special will feature the voice talents of Seana Kerslake (The Hole in the Ground), Nina Wadia (Eastenders), Paul Tylak (Father Ted) and Ryan Tubridy as Santa Claus in his first animation voiceover role.

On November 3rd ,Emma Hogan won the Best Animation Zebbie (tied with Damien O’Connor) for her contribution to Kavaleer / Watch Next Media’s hit show ‘Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese’ which also picked up the best scriptwriting award at 2021’s Irish Animation Awards.

Kavaleer launched their latest show ‘Alva’s World’ on RTEJr in September and on Sky Kids in October. The first of its kind format teaches pre-schoolers critical media literacy skills through fun, engaging roleplay. International sales were launched at MIPJr by Wildbrain and the show has been picked up by ABC, MBC3 and others. ‘Alva’s World’ will launch on YLE (Finland) in Q1 2022.