Gilly Fogg promoted to Head Creative at Lighthouse Studios

Gilly Fogg has recently assumed the position of Head Creative at Lighthouse Studios – a role born out of the growing demand which she herself helped to create.

Gilly was one of the founding members of Lighthouse, moving to Kilkenny in 2017 to direct the studio’s inaugural series, the much-loved Bug Diaries for Amazon. Since then, Gilly has been instrumental in growing Lighthouse from being purely service-oriented to becoming recognised for having its own creative voice.

Gilly’s appointment is further evidence of the strategic direction which Lighthouse has been taking in recent months and follows on from Cormac Slevin’s recent promotion to Head of Production.

Lighthouse acquires rights to produce Gritty Irish Tale

Earlier this year, Lighthouse Studios announced plans to produce its own animated short, a move which represents a significant step forward in the studio’s ambitions to develop its own IP. The studio recently confirmed that this is not the only original work on the cards, with Claire Finn telling Animation Magazine of plans to produce an acquired “gritty adult tale set in an Irish town at the turn of the century, when Ireland changed forever.”

As part of their plans, the studio is currently on the lookout for a showrunner who will oversee the development of the story. Watch this space!