Daily Madness wraps up their first Service Work gig

In September 2019, new 2D animation studio, Daily Madness wrapped up their first service work gig, Critters TV. Hired by Turnip & Duck, Daily Madness provided design and animation services for this new TV series, commissioned by RTEjr and further funded by the Broadcasting Authority Of Ireland and Screen Ireland, with the support of investment incentives for the Irish Film Industry provided by the Government of Ireland.

The 15 x 11′ comedy series for 4-8 year-olds fuses 2D character animation with stunning live-action nature documentary footage, provided by Dublin’s award-winning Crossing The Line Films. This educational comedy sketch show is brought to you by Aidan O’Donovan, Com Tobin and Ian ‘Benjamin’ Kenny, the creative team behind the hit RTÉ/CBBC series Brain Freeze, which has been sold worldwide by Aardman Rights.

The Daily Madness pipeline was driven by Line Producer, Sarah-Jane Kelly, Art Director Adam Kavanagh and Animation Director, Nicola Skuse who managed a combined crew of 20 artists over ten months of production. 

Critters TV will be available to view on RTEjr this Autumn, and for further details of the series please contact Colm Tobin and Aidan O’Donovan. (turnipandduck@gmail.com)

Daily Madness Productions is a Dublin based studio that provides IP development, Co-Production opportunities, and is available for service work. For further information please contact Lindsey Adams (lindsey@dailymadnessproductions.com)