Cartoon Forum 2019: six Irish projects to be pitched in Toulouse!

Cartoon Forum, one of the world’s leading pitching and co-pro forum for animated TV projects, will be kicking off in Toulouse 16-19 September, with six Creative Europe Media-supported projects from Ireland! (below L-R) Atom TownTreehouse Republic + Turnip & Duck; Critters TVTurnip & Duck; Fia’s Fairies; Little Moon Animation; Ghost TownPiranha Bar + Dear Will; Pins and NettlesDaily Madness; Snake NewsKavaleer Productions

For more information on these projects, visit CARTOON FORUM PROJECTS

Created in 1990, Cartoon Forum is a unique event focusing on pitching sessions of pre-selected TV projects, where animation producers can find cross-border partners and speed up financial arrangements.

It allows co-productions to be finalised, pre-buys agreed, negotiation of distribution agreements, options discussed on every type of right, and licensing of secondary rights.

The very best of luck to all Irish studios who will be pitching their projects in Toulouse!