Cardel produces a new advert for Dogs Trust UK directed by Cardel director Katarina Lundquist

A Christmas Tale tells the story of a puppy, illegally imported into the country, and his mum, left behind to continue the breeding cycle. Sadly, for thousands of dogs, it’s a true story.


When Cardel was approached by Dogs Trust we already firmly believed in animal rights and knew this was something we felt a sense of responsibility for and were fully committed to. Over the years we’ve built up a strong network of professionals and Katarina really was the perfect director for the job. Her ethic and spirit really just captured the tone and sensibility for this project with a real authenticity. Her ability to balance the message in a way that was direct but never overpowering is a fine line and shows real insight. It was a tight schedule, but Cardel collaborated with Stratostorm and the whole team really delivered 100%. 

Note from Director Katarina Lundquist 

“Getting the chance to make another version of this film from the Dogs Trust Ireland animation was both a fun and challenging task! When Dogs Trust UK approached us with the new narrative, it was clear that the biggest challenge would be to come up with new shots that would fit our previously created film, while managing to tell a new story. It was tricky at first, but it worked out in the end – using the van as our new character, rushing through the borders with puppies in the back. Just like the original film done for Dogs Trust Ireland, I wanted to open on 

a comforting, nice Christmassy shot – and quickly twist the story into a more sinister mood to tell this sad tale. This is to further emphasize that even though it’s Christmas and things around us are neatly presented through a “blissful” exterior, puppies are still being smuggled and mistreated – and it’s important that we are aware of this reality. I’m really happy to be able to contribute to such an important cause, now let’s Change The Tale!”

CLIENT: Dogs Trust 


Production Company: Cardel 

Director: Katarina Lundquist 

Executive Producer: Carla Mooney 

Executive Producer: Delwyn Mooney 

Narration: Sunny Ormonde 

Little Girl: voiced by Penelope Lynch 

Composer: Diego Ayala Raffalli 


Animation: Stratostorm 

Executive Producer: Helena Hilario 

Creative Executive Producer: Mario Pece 

Concept Art: Giovanni Pedroni 

Color Script: Murilo Justiniano 

3D Supervisor: Alan Prado 

Art Direction: Dhiego Guimarães 

Character Design: Felipe Pardini, Samuel Simões, Jonas Schlengman, Alan Prado 3D Artists and Lookdev: Dhiego Guimarães, Alan Prado, Felipe Pardini, Samuel Simões, Jonas Schlengman 

Animation supervisor: Hannry Pschera 

Animators: Hannry Pschera, Ewerton Farias, Gustavo Santos, Jonathan Souza, José Ragazzan, Bruna Forshaid 

Rigging supervisor: Danilo Pinheiros 

Riggers: Alanne Andrade, Caio Hidaka, Danilo Pinheiro, Glauber Belo, Murilo Barbelli, Saul Almeida