Cardel has two projects selected for the 6th edition of Cartoon Springboard

Headless Mike 

Headless Mike was selected by Cartoon Brew as one of the 3 highlights from Cartoon Springboard 2020 (link to the article). 

Headless Mike is an animated dark comedy series based on a real story of a chicken that lived without its head for 18 months in the USA in the 1940s. A story about his heroic will to live despite missing the seemingly most important part of the body picturing the journey through his rockstar-like life. 

Directed and animated by Natasza Cetner. 

Natasza is a polish Animation director and a graduate in Animation from Royal College of Art, her latest film “nigel” premiered on Short Of The Week and was honoured with a Vimeo Staff Pick. (watch NIGEL here ) she is fascinated by the absurdity of the world around us and the surreal. Most of her works focus on conveying the unconscious and its desires, and the fears and the anxiety of the insomniac mind. Occasionally, she likes to make films about weird birds. 

The Visual style of the film is inspired by the graphic style of Frank Miller’s Sin City or Al Columbia’s illustrations mixed with the influence of woodcuts and linocuts. The animation will be kept strictly in black and white. 


When a curious young girl, longing for adventure, gets the chance to travel the cosmos with a group of explorers, she leaps – well… stumbles into action. 

Astrocatastrophe is a 2D animated comedy for kids based on the short film of the same name by Grace Ryan and Claire McLoughlin graduates of IADT Dun Laoghaire. It is set in outer space following four misfits and their adventures. The plots are character-driven, focusing on the relationships of The Crew, and how they play off each other in the predicaments they find themselves in. 

Astrocatstophe received Screen Ireland development funding. 

Astrocatastrophe is to be directed by Claire McLoughlin & written by Derek Byrne.