Cartoon Saloon’s Greenpeace Project: There’s a Monster in my Kitchen

The Greenpeace project ‘There’s a Monster in my Kitchen’ is the first co-directing collaboration between Cartoon Saloon’s Tomm Moore and Fabian Erlinghäuser and is very much a continuation from WolfWalkers both in theme and style. Many of the same artistic team were involved, world-wide working in the more traditional 2D style of hand drawn animation synonymous with Cartoon Saloon.

The artists took inspiration from indigenous Amazonian art and street artists from the region which connects the viewer to their own world and how their everyday choices in their kitchen impact the region, reiterating that we are all connected.

The short also features a scene which the directors say was the most challenging and complicated they have ever attempted. The camera fly-through from the Jag-Wah’s forest, through the burnt and devastated forest back to the kitchen required the compositing team to pull many hand drawn elements together to create one seamless shot. This sequence pulls everything together from the helpless Jag-Wah right back to the everyday choices we can all make to play our part in reversing this destruction. 

You can watch the short here: