‘WolfWalkers: Artist’s Drawings’ Exhibition

‘WolfWalkers: Artist’s Drawings’ Exhibition.

Visitors to the Light House Cinema in Smithfield, Dublin this summer will get a chance to view Cartoon Saloon’s WolfWalkers: Artist’s Drawings exhibition when the cinema reopened Friday, 25th June.  

The WolfWalkers: Artist’s Drawings exhibition features original drawings from the making of WolfWalkers, from early character concepts and designs, through to drawings exploring the different line styles of forest and city backgrounds.  WolfWalkers focuses on the conflict between individuals who seek to dominate nature and those who want to live in harmony with it. That conflict is embodied visually in the contrast between the angular buildings of Kilkenny and the sensually curving vegetation of the forest. The exhibition gives a glimpse into how these concepts were explored and developed visually to create WolfWalkers’ unique and beautiful style. 

WolfWalkers Awards Season

Due to travel restrictions The Oscars came to Kilkenny last April. An outside broadcast was set up at The Rivercourt Hotel with Kilkenny Castle as the backdrop. Unfortunately WolfWalkers didn’t win on the night but Kilkenny was well represented on screen.

WolfWalkers won five awards at this year’s Annie Awards, and Cartoon Saloon picked up another award in the Best Sponsored category for their Greenpeace Short – There’s a Monster in my Kitchen.

WolfWalkers is now is back in cinemas post lock down in the UK, Scandinavia, Belgium and Holland.

More info: www.cartoonsaloon.ie