The Time Keeper launches on devices!

Dublin, Ireland – November 17, 2023 – Embark on an epic time-traveling adventure
with the launch of The Time Keeper, a captivating Augmented Reality (AR) mobile
puzzle game for kids set in the vibrant city of Dublin, Ireland. Available now for Apple
iOS or Android phones.
Help the erstwhile time-traveller Benjamin Weir solve the mystery, as he races
through time to thwart the villainous Sir Horatio Maudlin who is intent on stealing
precious artefacts throughout the ages.

Time Keeper puzzle game for kids

Unravel a Historical Mystery
The Time Keeper transports players to various eras in Dublin’s rich history, from the
Viking Age to the Georgian period, from St. Patrick’s Cathedral to the Long Room
Library in Trinity College Dublin. Along the way, they’ll encounter historical figures,
explore famous locations and find challenging clues in AR mode to solve the
Engage in Educational Gameplay
The Time Keeper seamlessly blends education and entertainment, providing kids
with an immersive and engaging way to learn about Dublin’s history and culture.
Players will encounter interactive elements, captivating storylines, and challenging
puzzles that will stimulate their minds and keep them entertained for hours on end.

Key Features:
– Explore Dublin’s history through time travel
– Find the clues and unravel a captivating mystery
– Learn about historic locations and events from Dublin’s rich cultural past
– Immerse yourself in a beautifully crafted world with stunning visuals
– Engage in educational gameplay that fosters curiosity and learning utilising
Augmented Reality (AR)

Pricing and Availability
The Time Keeper is available everywhere for download on Apple and Android mobile
phone devices for €2.99.
You can download the app for iPhone
or for android

About The Time Keeper
The Time Keeper was supported with the help of Animation Ireland and Screen
Ireland through the Animation Innovation and Immersive Storytelling fund. It was
developed by Noho Ltd. ( who create captivating digital experiences for
cultural heritage and Calico Media Interactive who create engaging story
experiences for kids. The game was inspired by the rich history and vibrant culture of
Dublin, Ireland.