Telegael: Big Words, Small Stories

Big Words, Small Stories (65 x 5’) is an animated series for children 5-7 years coproduced by Telegael (Ireland), Big Jump Entertainment (Canada) and Moody Street Kids (Australia). 

2D Animation design, including characters, props, backgrounds, titles and credits, was carried out by Telegael’s Animation & Design team led by Morgan O’Brien.

Picture and Sound post production of the series was also carried out at Telegael who are also producing an Irish language version of the series.

Big Words, Small Stories focuses on delightful and funny stories that bring the meaning of big words to life. Told through the eyes of a revolving cast of four children and their anthropomorphic pets, each episode sprinkles a big word into these children’s lives – be it ‘regurgitate’, ‘collywobbles’, ‘brouhaha’ – via a hard-working Sprinkle Fairy and her staff, the candy-like Sprinklers.

From book…to script…to screen, at its core Big Words Small Stories is a series about creativity, imagination and togetherness. It’s a celebration of words. A celebration of childhood learning. Big Words Small Stories is a story about cooperation. The team in Telegael are honoured to have worked alongside our astounding production partners Big Jump Entertainment and Moody Street Kids in bringing this inspirational book series by Judith Henderson and T.L. McBeth to a screen near you.” said Telegael’s Head of Animation and Design, Morgan O’Brien.