Spotlight on Ireland at Cartoon Forum – Treehouse Republic ‘I’ve Got a Time Travelling Monkey on My Back’



Treehouse Republic will pitch ‘I’ve got a Time Travelling Monkey on my Back’  on Thursday the 15th at 16.00 in the Pink Room.

Target Audience: 7- 12 years focusing on the 8-9 age group

Series: 26 x 11 mins

I’ve Got a Time Travelling monkey on My Back is a retro, futuristic,  comedy adventure through time. Burt and Archie travel through time in their time machine T.I.M fixing all of life’s problems such as hair loss, cardboard tasting and finding the perfect remote control. Causing havoc and comedy along the way until everything works out in the end…..or not.

Established in 2010, Treehouse Republic is a Dublin Based animation production studio and animated IP developer, focusing on comedy action.    The studio has grown to a 20 strong flexible team of artists, animators and producers, Offering development, pre-production and production services.