Second season of Wiggleywoo’s ‘The Day Henry Met’ to begin production



The Day Henry Met..? was launched at MIP Junior 2015 and last April won The Pulcinella Award for the Best European Work at Cartoons on the Bay and it is currently the top rated series for preschool children in Australia, airing on Nick Junior. Internationally, the series has also been acquired by RTE Junior-Ireland, Nick Junior-UK, SVT-Sweden, YLE-Finland, TVO and Knowledge Network in Canada, Nickelodeon and ABC in Australia, Canal Plus France and Eesti in Estonia.

Aimed at the preschool audience, The Day Henry Met..? encourages children to use their imagination and discover the world around them through play and adventure. Henry is a charming, inquisitive little boy. In every episode Henry meets something new, which becomes the focus of his journey of discovery and adventure. The Day Henry Met a Whale! The Day Henry Met the Moon!, The Day Henry Met a Knight! Hmmm, I wonder what Henry’s going to meet today?

Following the huge success of season 1, season 2 will go into production in March 2016.