Participating companies for Screen Leaders 2019 announced

Screen Skills Ireland are pleased to announce the selected participants for the 2019 Screen Leaders programme. Industry leaders from Denmark, Estonia, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Ireland will come together on the 3rd of June for the first module of the programme which will take place in Ireland.

Screen Leaders is a strategic company development programme for the screen industries. The programme is aimed at company leaders across the value chain in industry sectors such as: film, television, animation, games, post-production, VFX, facilities, sales, distribution and exhibition. It aims to provide participants with the skills to lead their organisation in a complex, innovative and evolving international marketplace.

From its inaugural programme in 2008 to the present, Screen Leaders has had participants from all over Ireland and the rest of Europe from leading animation, TV and film production companies. Some of them have progressed to becoming leading production companies in their respective countries, as well as participating in the screen industries on a global scale. Former participants on the Screen Leaders programme include: Element Pictures (Ireland), Brown Bag Films (Ireland), Cinenord (Norway), A Film (Estonia) and Filmore (Netherlands).

The participants for 2019 are:

House of Real, Denmark
Anna Ljungmark, Jesper Jack

Black Nights Film Festival, Estonia
Mikk Granström, Triin Tramberg

Henneman Agency, Netherlands
Vanessa Henneman, Jara Lucieer

Wady Films, Luxembourg
Neigeme Glasgow-Maeda, Mathilde Zugaj

Iris Productions, Ireland
Kieran Hartigan, Aonghus O’hEochaidh

Lighthouse Studios, Ireland
Claire Finn, Marc Jordan

Piranha Bar, Ireland
Dave Burke, Gavin Kelly

Tailored Films, Ireland
Ruth Treacy, Julianne Forde

Venom, Ireland
Ken Wardrop, Andrew Freedman

Commenting on the 2019 participants Gareth Lee, Manager at Screen Skills Ireland said: “The companies participating in the Screen Leaders programme this year are of a very high calibre and encompass a wide array of areas within the screen industries, including a film festival, a talent agency and a number of production companies covering film, tv, documentary, animation, visual effects and post production. It is shaping up to be a great programme and we look forward to working with the participants on the strategic development of their companies. The standard of applicants for the 2019 programme was extremely high and is a testament to the good health of the audio-visual sector in Ireland and throughout Europe.”

Screen Leaders is funded by the Creative Europe Programme and Screen Skills Ireland.