Monster Entertainment reveals new animation for MIP TV

Dublin-based distributor, Monster Entertainment, is heading to MIP TV with some new animation.

Storybud, an RTE commission from Dublin’s Kite Entertainment, which very recently won the RTS Award for Best Children’s Programme, is a series of 15 x 5 minute funny, short stories based on well-loved fairy tales and nursery rhymes for kids aged 8 and over. Written by famous Irish comedians; the stories are hilariously reimagined with lots of funny and silly twists. These refreshed tales like ‘Cinderella’s other Fella’ and ‘The Elves and the Loo Maker’ and ‘Humpty Mumpty’ are read in by well-known TV personalities including Baz Ashmawy. Each tale is brought to life with a dash of top notch funky and colourful illustration

Ollie, from Belgium’s Lunanime, Ireland’s Ink and Light and Norway’s Storyline.  52 x 4 mins Non-verbal for preschool

In the middle of a busy city, in a peaceful forgotten park, you will find Ollie and his friends. A small owl, a little stork, a young frog and five tiny birds live and have exciting adventures. Small stories about big issues like discovery, friendship, being alone and the importance of the little things in life. Come at nightfall, when the city turns quiet and everybody goes to sleep. shh…

Already sold to ITV, YLE, Hop, CYBC, VRT, NRK, RTE, RTL Netherlands, RTBF and Eurokim

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Tiny Toot from Denmark’s Toolbox Film 26 x 7 mins for 2-5 year olds

Tiny Toot is about 3 years old.  She lives with her cat Gato, her brother, and her mum and dad … and then there’s Pixie, her little magician elf who lives in a mouse hole in the wall.  Every morning Pixie invites Tiny Toot and Gato on a new adventure. They eagerly join him in his nut- chopper – and together they make friends with everyone they meet and learn new things about daily daytime life.

Each episode arouses the young viewers’ curiosity about the magical world that surrounds us – always in a reassuring gentle way.

The stories end with the three friends returning home safely, so the world can carry on exactly as it’s supposed to.

The series will be completed by the end of this year but has already been acquired by DR, YLE, SVT, NRK, RUV and RTE and Carlsen has already published books based upon the upcoming series.

Monster will also be highlighting newly completed series, Fia’s Fairies, from Ireland’s Little Moon, Storytime with Ms B Booksy from US-based Driver Studios, Zizi and Hannibal from South Africa’s Pixcomm, The Charlie Shepherd Show, from Brazil’s TV Pingium, Noodle and Bun from South Africa’s Polycat and Once upon my Story from Canada’s Maki Media.