Monster Entertainment enjoying success with Irish animation

2021 has proved to be a successful year for Monster Entertainment, and 2022 is already off to a great start particularly with Irish animation. Audiences around the world continue to be intrigued by the series produced by the multitude of writers, directors, producers and animators located in Ireland.

The Day Henry Met… is a preschool animation series that follows an enthusiastic 4 year old called Henry as he encounters new things to explore and adventure with. The series has proven itself to be a worldwide hit, with 4 seasons being broadcast in 192 countries. Some recent deals include Canal Plus Thematiques in Africa, ITV in the UK, RAI in Italy, Zebracom in Colombia, Oznoz in North America, TFO in Canada, RTÉ in Ireland, Globosat in Brazil, Filmin in Spain, Telecoming in South Africa, France, Belgium, Senegal and Pakistan and, in a deal that are very proud of, CCTV, the world’s largest television channel, in China. The Day Henry met is produced by Wiggleywoo. 

Pins and Nettie follows two shy hedgehogs as they try and learn about the world around them. It was developed by Daily Madness Productions and made its debut in April 2020 and it has already proved itself to be a smash hit. The series has been sold across the globe with some recent buyers including Canal Plus in Myanmar, Globosat in Brazil, PCCW in Hong Kong, TVO in Canada, DR in Denmark. Early episodes of the series focused on how to remain positive during the COVID-19 Pandemic and in 2021 the series won Best Preschool series at the Irish animation awards. 

Peek Zoo is a series where a warm and engaging cast of characters, led by zookeeper Mr Peek, take viewers on a journey to learn about the animal kingdom. It has proved to be popular around the world, with some recent buyers including PCCW in Hong Kong, RTVS in Slovakia, Canal Plus in Myanmar, Royal Moroccan Airline, DR in Denmark, and Dreamscape in libraries across the planet. Peek Zoo was produced by the IFTA award-winning studio Dream Logic.

Urban Tails is a musical series that sees urban animals teach viewers about what their lives are really like in hip-hop inspired songs. This short form program has recently been picked up by Azoomee and Supertoons, for their global apps and Condista in the USA. The tracks from Urban Tails are available to stream on Spotify, where they have received over 20,000 streams. Urban Tails was produced by Pink Kong Studios. 

Brewster the Rooster is a preschool series that follows Brewster and his Maggie as they discovery the answers to questions only preschoolers ask. This humorous and educational series was recently purchased by Canal Plus in Myanmar, Rvision in CIS, CCTV in China and Dreamscape in libraries around the world. Brewster the Rooster was produced by Salty Dog Pictures.