Maddie + Triggs podcast to transition to TV

Turnip + Duck’s podcast-first series focusing on music and listening to be developed into TV show

Building on the success of their 15 x 7’ podcast series for RTÉjr Radio, Turnip + Duck are developing a TV series of Maddie + Triggs with a view to pitching to market in 2022. 

The series focuses on a little girl (who just so happens to be vision impaired) and her doggy best friend, who experience the music and sounds of everyday life by really listening to the world around them. 

Turnip + Duck’s aim is to create a truly inclusive show whereby if two kids, one sighted and one vision impaired, sit down side by side to ‘watch’ the show, neither will have a lesser experience. 

The producers have been working closely with NCBI – Working for People with Sight Loss to develop the show, and have cast several first-time actors from the VI community, including 7 year old Bonnie O’Meara, who plays the role of Maddie. Commenting on the development process Mary Byrne of the NCBI said: 

“Inclusion is a word that we hear quite a lot of these days but meaningful inclusion actively seeks solutions to barriers and sends a powerful message to children with sight loss that opportunities for full participation in society exist. So we absolutely commend Turnip + Duck for their inclusive and positive approach and look forward to more exciting adventures for Maddie + Triggs!” 

Series creators Colm Tobin & Aidan O’Donovan believe that Maddie + Triggs is a wonderfully inclusive brand that will shine as a genuinely original, diverse and highly entertaining show. They hope the series can play a role in contributing to a broader push to reframe the conversation around disability, by creating world class content that puts diverse and underrepresented voices front and centre. 

The Maddie + Triggs podcast was produced by Turnip + Duck for RTÉjr Radio, and was funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the television licence fee. Development of the TV show is supported by RTÉjr and Screen Ireland.