Kavaleer Productions, Cloudco Entertainment and Watchnext Media announce the launch of their New Animated Kids Comedy – Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese!

Cloudco Entertainment,  Watchnext Media and Kavaleer Productions  are excited to announce the launch of their animated kids sitcom – Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese™.  Produced by Watchnext Media and Kavaleer studios in France and in Ireland.

The series was ordered by the BBC for CBBC in the UK, commissioned by the French television network, Gulli and pre-bought by RTÉ with additional funding secured from Screen Ireland.

Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese (BGDCMC) has a comedic take on the blended family. The dad’s “sons” are a boy, a dog, and a mouse. The mom’s “daughters” are a girl, a cat and an anthropomorphic piece of cheese. Though greatly different (and weird to outsiders), the new family learns to love each other and live together under one roof.  Set to debut from 2019,  this hilarious animated series can be best described as the blended family of “Brady Bunch” meets the lovable disfuction of “Modern Family.”

Executive producers for  Cloudco Entertainment (Karen Vermeulen, Ryan Wiesbrock, and Sean Gorman), Watch Next Media (Philippe Alessandri and Gene Laufenberg ) and Kavaleer Productions (Gary Timpson and Andrew Kavanagh).

Tom Krajewski,  known for his work on “Buddy Thunderstruck” (another Cloudco Entertainment-owned brand) and “Be Cool, Scooby Do!” is the story editor.

Tune into CBBC at 7.45am and 3.45pm every day!