Irish Animation Studios Show Their Best at MIPCOM 2017

A number of Irish animation delegates are exhibiting at MIPCOM and MIPJunior this year- the world’s largest entertainment content market in Cannes.

Among the Irish delegates are some of our very own Animation Ireland member studios. Brown Bag Films, Cartoon Saloon, JAM Media, Kavaleer, Monster Entertainment Pink Kong Studios, Salty Dog Pictures and Treehouse Republic, all are pitching their animation tents and setting up shop for what is the world’s most influential programming content market for industry players. The market includes four days of meetings, screenings and conferences and a chance to discover and screen the latest blockbuster programming as well as find new business partners, at the year’s most anticipated global market for entertainment content across all platforms.

Take a look at a selection of the shows that will be screened in Cannes at MIPCOM 2017.

Salty Dog Pictures with ‘Brewster the Rooster’ . This preschool 2D series aimed at 3-6 year olds, follows the adventures of six-year-old Maggie and her best friend Brewster as they discover the answers to questions all kids ask.(26 x 7 mins).

Pink Kong Studios with  Mista C-Lion. This cool “seal-ebrity” struts his stuff around San Fransisco Bay in Urban Tails a 2D animated series (52 x 2min).

Brown Bag Films with Angela’s Christmas.  This CG film is based on Frank McCourt’s only children’s book inspired by a story his mother Angela told him as a child. McCourt won the Pulitzer Prize for his best-selling memoir, Angela’s Ashes (30mins)   


Monster Entertainment is excited to announce it will be launching EIGHT new animated series at MIPCOM 2017. It will be the company’s 21st year attending MIPCOM, and the first year they will have brought so much new animated content. With a raft of pre-market sales and returning series also in Mip Junior, you will find all the details below:

The new animation series for the market are:

Brewster The Rooster
Brewster The Rooster (26 x 7 Mins Ages 4-7and Maggie, a six-year-old girl make a unique pair of friends. Taking young viewers on a journey of discovery in a way that not only entertains, but gets their creative thinking caps on! This series was produced in Ireland by Salty Dog Pictures with assistance from The Irish Film Board and RTE.
Broadcast Sales include: ABC Australia, YLE Finland, Good TV Taiwan & JY Animation China

I’m A Fish
I’m A Fish (52 x 2 mins For Ages 4-8) features a variety of sea creatures who invite us into their underwater world. They tell us all sorts of fun and interesting facts about where they live, what they do and how they survive in such deep, dark and sometimes dangerous places! I’m a Fish follows the success of the previous I’m a… series including I’m an Animal, I’m a Monster and I’m a Creepy Crawly which have been broadcast worldwide. This series was produced in Ireland by Salty Dog Pictures and Monster Entertainment
Presold to: Knowledge Canada ABC Australia and Noga Israel

Animated action adventure series Casparade 13 x 7 Mins (Ages 5-9) is about Little rascal Caspar and his best friend Ada, who find unexpected solutions to questions dealing with friendship, loyalty and the weird behaviour of adults. This series was Produced by Polish company Human Ark
Presold to: Canal Plus Poland

Noah’s Park 14 x 22 Mins (Ages 3-6)
What happened to the animals when they left Noah’s Ark? They all went to Noah’s Park! In every episode Noah teaches Dreamer the rhinoceros, Honk the camel, Stretch the giraffe and six of their animal friend’s valuable lessons such as honor, friendship, cooperation, bravery and the Golden Rule.
Featuring a unique combination of puppets, life-size costumes, stop-motion animation, and CGI in a new style of children’s entertainment.

IB the Dog
IB the Dog 26 x 3/4 Mins (Ages 3-6) is a charming series of 3 to 4 minute animations about a little dog Ib as he encounters new experiences that challenge him to think up creative solutions. With every new experience comes a chance for Ib to help someone and learn something too. This series was Produced by Danish company Klassefilm and PortaPlay
Presold to: DR Denmark

Cleo is the No1 series on RTVE’s Kids channel Clan in Spain.
About a happy puppy and her best friend Irma, Cleo creates an atmosphere of fun and mischief through mishaps only a puppy could create, viewers are encouraged to find new ways to solve problems. With Cleo and co, young audiences broaden their perspectives and learn that each day can turn into a journey of discovery!

We now have Cleo seasons 1 and 2 available so there are 78 x 7 mins available in total.
Season 1 Broadcast Sales include: RTVE Spain, RTP Portugal, JimJam Pan Europe & Middle East, HBO Spain, Disney Asia, Amazon India

Misho & Robin
Misho & Robin 30 x 5 Mins (Ages 3-6) are two adorable characters that will surely put a smile on the faces of the entire family, always having fun. With the help of their little friends, they’re educating kids about the great big world that surrounds them. Through simple and playful stories kids pick up the knowledge not even realizing they are learning new things!
Broadcast Sales include: HRT Croatia, Why J – Kids TV Korea, JY Animation China & HooplaKidz

Peek Zoo
Peek Zoo 26 x 6 Mins (Ages 3-6)
The series follows the hilarious adventures of zookeeper Mr. Peek, and his two children, Jimmy and Violet, as they look after the loud and colourful animals of Peek Zoo. This series was commissioned by RTE Junior and produced by Irish studio Igloo Films