Ink & Light: Ready Steady Pitch! @Cartoon Forum-10:45am in the Pink Room

Hare and the Prisoner

Prisoner is a raccoon who was born with a birthmark across her eyes. Others have always treated her like a thief because of it. But when she arrives in his forest, Hare sees only a new friend. Adventures are much more fun as two. The city raccoon and the forest hare are immediate best friends. Their very different personalities complement each other. Hare can’t wait to introduce Prisoner to chattering birds, curious squirrels and grumpy predators. In turn Prisoner shows Hare that there is a huge world beyond his forest. Hare and Prisoner’s forest adventures reflect the experiences of our young audience as they navigate new friendships and discover that everybody has something unique to offer their community.

TV series – 26 x 7′ – Pre-school 4-5 – 3D Computer

Pitching in the Pink Room on Wed 13th Sept @10:45am

Producer: Ink and Light

and Muste ja Valo (Finland)