Funding Opportunity: Creative Futures – Direct Slate Fund 2023

Screen Ireland has just opened submissions for a new slate funding opportunity for Irish production companies working in the areas of feature film, multiple episode series (animation and/or TV drama) and documentary. A range of funding awards between €75,000 – €250,000 will be awarded for scripting and artistic development. 

About the Fund

Developing a slate involves strong creative instincts and capabilities as well as the management of talent and timelines. The Creative Futures Direct Slate Fund is about building strong culturally relevant IP from creatives across the country, that reaches Irish and international audiences.

The total fund is €3,000,000 with particular focus given to applications with a nationwide scope or vision. The Creative Futures Direct Slate Fund is provided in the form of a loan which will recoup from projects that go into production. 

The minimum contribution per slate will be €75,000 with a maximum of €250,000 for scripting and artistic development.  There will be a range of funding awards which will be determined with reference to format and selection criteria below. All submissions are unlikely to reach maximum levels of awards.  The loan is inclusive of up to 25% in producer’s fees and overhead in the budgeted development for each project.

How to Apply

Applicants must fill in the Application Form (available via Screen Ireland website) to include detailed creative business plan and submit via email to (Subject Line: Creative Futures Direct Slate Fund Submission) by the deadline.

Screen Ireland aim to process a decision within thirty working days of the deadline for applications.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 17th November 2023.

For more information on how to apply please visit Screen Ireland’s website.