Cartoon Saloon’s Screecher’s Reach wins an Emmy

Almu Redondo, art director of the Star Wars Visions Vol 2 episode ‘Screecher’s Reach’ won the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy® for Production Design last week. The Awards ceremony will take place in LA in January 2024.  

Screecher’s Reach tells the story of a young girl, seeking reprieve from her days in a rural workhouse, discovers a legendary haunted cave with her friends. The cave’s dark pull will change the trajectory of her life forever.

Watch Screecher’s Reach on Disney +:

Puffin Rock and the New Friends available to buy or rent online

The latest feature film from Cartoon Saloon and Northern Ireland’s Dog Earsis now available for fans across Ireland and the UK to watch online. Based on the award-winning TV series, Puffin Rock and the New Friends sees our family favourites, Oona, Baba, May and Mossy joined by a new cast of characters, as Isabelle, Phoenix and Marvin arrive on the island. It’s an action-packed story which celebrates our magnificent natural environment, and features themes of belonging, courage and friendship.

When the last Little Egg of the season disappears under mysterious circumstances, Oona and her new friends race against time to bring the Little Egg home before a big storm hits Puffin Rock and puts the entire island in danger.

Cartoon Saloon Irish Folklore Trilogy Exhibition

Steven McNamara (ROJI),curator & exhibition designer
Photography by: Steven McNamara (ROJI), curator & exhibition designer

An exhibition celebrating Cartoon Saloon’s Academy Award®-nominated modern animated classics in the Irish Folklore Trilogy – The Secret of Kells (2009), Song of the Sea (2014) and WolfWalkers (2020) is currently on display in DCCI National Design and Craft Gallery in Kilkenny and was launched as part of Irish Design Week. 

All three films weave folklore and mythology into the narrative, creating a deep connection between the characters, their adventures, and the rich cultural heritage of Ireland. These films not only entertain but also serve as a celebration of Irish folklore, showcasing its enduring relevance in contemporary storytelling.The exhibition features artwork from all three films, shown together for the first time and demonstrating the unique visual style and exquisitely handcrafted animation which has garnered the studio international acclaim and multiple awards.