“BeddyByes” – the 4th most attended pitch at this year’s Cartoon Forum.

BeddyByes was announced as the number 4 show in the most-attended pitches at this year’s Cartoon Forum. JAM new preschool series, BeddyByes at Toulouse’s was unveiled at the annual event to a tremendous reception. BeddyByes takes young children on a playful, yet soothing journey towards bedtime. 

It is a new and innovative format for the very youngest and most underserved demographic: toddlers to preschoolers. Designed specifically to take young children on a gentle, undulating journey that reinforces the familiar evening to bedtime routine. Join MeMo and BaBa as they encounter all kinds of fantastical beings that encourage good nutrition, mindfulness and creativity, all the while winding down towards sleep.

JAM Media are delighted to share our latest 2D animation production, Isadora Moon which is set to commence production shorly. The series is based on the hugely successful Isadora Moon books by Harriet Muncaster published by Random House for readers ages six to nine spans 16 titles that have collectively sold more than three million copies globally in 30 languages since the first book was released in 2016. 

Sky Kids has commissioned the 2D-animated series Isadora Moon (52 x 11 minutes) with London-based Kelebek Media producing. Kelebek CEO and creative director Deborah Thorpe is the project’s producer, and Sky’s Estelle Hughes is the commissioning editor.

Isadora is an eight-year-old—who is part fairy and part vampire and the animated series explores themes of kindness, inclusivity and empathy.