Animation Ireland are delighted to support ‘Spotlight on Ireland’ at Cartoon Forum.

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Animation Ireland are delighted to support ‘Spotlight on Ireland’ at Cartoon Forum.

For the first time in its existence, Cartoon Forum will be putting the spotlight on a specific country during the event: we are delighted to announce that Ireland will be first country to receive this honour! We will pay tribute to the Irish animation industry with a host of events throughout the three days of Cartoon Forum.
As Cartoon Forum is now established in Toulouse (France) since 2012, it seemed to us right, each year, to put the spotlight on the animation of a “country of honour”, in order to keep the focus on the animation of a country, as was the case when the Cartoon Forum used to travel to the four corners of Europe.
Ireland, a country which is a world leader in animation with a strong reputation for award winning film and television work, seems the obvious choice for us this year. Irish producers have had a strong profile at Cartoon Forum over the last decade.

On the strength of its eight selected projects this year, Irish animation will appear as a constant thread throughout Cartoon Forum.
Ireland will also invite all the participants in the Cartoon Forum to a colourful closing dinner and reception on Friday, 16 September. The event will include Guinness as an aperitif, a choice of Irish beers, whisky tasting and a French tasty dinner in the colours of Ireland, all of which will be following by an Irish reception.

The Irish partners of this Spotlight on Ireland include:

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