Votes are Open at the European Animation Awards 2017

The first European Animation Awards gala ceremony will take place on December 8th 2017. Recognising and honoring the diverse talent in Europe, The European Animation Awards is proud to celebrate the entire European animation community and its contributions to the craft.

Representing Ireland, are Cartoon Saloon with Puffin Rock, which was nominated for ‘Best Background and Character Design in a TV/Broadcast Production’ alongside Hey Duggee (Season 2), (U.K.);  and Ernest & Célestine, (France, Belgium, Luxembourg).

The Emile Awards Ceremony will be followed by the European premiere of  The Breadwinnerfrom Nora Twomey, the co-director of The Secret of Kells.

The Emile Awards lay a large emphasis on craft contributions – distinguishing between character design and animation in TV and film, for example – and underscore the youthfulness of Europe’s animation industry, especially in film. Above all, the first European Animation Awards serve as a timely reminder of the panoply of of subjects and themes tackled by European animation, which often plays as an auteurist artistically-ambitious alternative to Hollywood.

Peter Lord, creative director of Aardman Animations and producer of many of Europe’s most-watched animated movies – such as the stop-motion “Chicken Run” and “Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit” –is currently the president of the EAAs.

-“Our ambition for the European Animation Awards is high. We want this to become an essential part of the year for the very many people across Europe who are involved in this most modern and vibrant artform.

We have so much to celebrate in Europe, such a dynamic and successful industry, so many talented artists.
We too should meet to recognise excellence and to celebrate those individuals and teams who bring so much pleasure and create such wonderful work.

Throughout Europe in big cities and in small villages, in workshops and attics, in studios and occasionally I’m told, in cow-sheds – the animation community exists. It’s a diverse and widely spread family of highly creative people.

But this is a family who doesn’t get together often enough! In Lille, in December, we will welcome our large and vibrant family – including perhaps some crazy uncles and aunts that we have never met before –they will come together to exchange ideas, to form collaborations, to acknowledge exceptional talent. And have a wonderful party.” (Lord, P)

Voting ends 30th November 2017. You must register as an EAA member to vote.

For more info and your chance to vote visit the European Animation Awards 2017