Award winning Animation company in Dublin, we make great animation for big kids and little kids the world over!

Wiggleywoo is an award winning animation company in Dublin set up in 2012. We produce animation for big kids and little kids the world over. We are currently in production of Season 2 of our preschool series The Day Henry Met. The Day Henry Met is currently on air all over the world including RTEjr and Nick JR UK. Season 2 will be complete in December 2016. Our adult animation series Tea with the Dead won many prestious awards around the world including BEST ANIMATION Rhode Island and Raindajnce.

Other notable projects in developments are Tony & Abigail, Doopydoo, Scribe and a number of feature films.


Tea with the Dead, The Day Henry Met Season 1 and Season 2 due for completion in December 2016.



  • Pulcinella Award, Cartoons on the Bay BEST EUROPEAN WORK for the Day Henry Met.
  • BEST ANIMATION for Tea with the Dead at Raindance and Rhode Island.


Nick Jr, RTEJr

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