Stiúidio Fia Welcomed as the Newest Addition to the Animation Ireland Membership

Animation Ireland is delighted to welcome Stiúidio Fia as a member of Animation Ireland. CEO Paul McDonnell has over 20 years of stop motion experience.

Stiúideo Fia not only creates films but also serves as the top training centre in the country for various areas, like special effects, prop making, sculpting, moulding & casting, model making, and puppet fabrication.

Stiúideo Fia’s mission is to empower creatives to stay in Ireland and contribute significantly to the development of a sustainable industry in stop motion animation, film and creative practices in Ireland.

Their goal is to eliminate the need for outsourcing the production of stop motion animation and film Special Effects to other countries and support homegrown artists, ensuring that Ireland becomes a hub for such creative endeavours.

By fostering local talent and expertise, employment opportunities will be generated within the sector in Ireland and that of Gaeltacht areas, thereby supporting the economic growth and cultural richness of these regions and Ireland itself.