Stella’s Royal Vlog launches online

After a successful launch of animated TV series Royals Next Door in local territories earlier this year, Pikkukala and Ink & Light are introducing the perfect audience companion for the series aimed at 7-12 year olds – Stella’s Royal Vlog – an online vlog channel.

Princess Stella has been on quite an adventure since her family downsized from their castle to a regular house. Now she’s sharing her side of the story in her very own online vlog.

“We wanted to meet our audience where they are, which is online, on Youtube specifically” said producers Pablo Jordi and Tamsin Lyons, “Stella’s Royal Vlog gives fans of the show another opportunity to enjoy exclusive content from the characters they love”.

The vlog series, written by series writer Sian Ní Mhuirí, features lead character Princess Stella sharing her memories and opinions about her new school, best friends and quest to find the perfect hobby. Stella takes her audience on behind the scenes tours of her home and gives tips and tricks she’s learnt on her journey to live an ‘ordinary’ life.

Stella’s Royal Vlog is just one part of a broader Royals Next Door offering in the works. It is produced with the support of Screen Ireland’s Animation Concept & Innovation Fund, which is managed by Animation Ireland.

Royals Next Door is currently airing on RTÉ2 in Ireland, YLE in Finland and Hop! in Israel. New channels including Ketnet in Belgium and RTVE in Spain will begin airing the series in Autumn and Dandelooo is distributing the series.

Watch the first episodes of Stella’s Royal Vlog now at