Oscar nomination for Cartoon Saloon’s The Breadwinner!

Cartoon Saloon have received their third Oscar nomination for their latest film – The Breadwinner.

Director Nora Twomey will travel to Los Angeles for the upcoming Academy Awards on March 4 along with others from the studio.

“On behalf of all those who gave their experience, skill and talent to this film, I am absolutely thrilled that the Academy has nominated The Breadwinner for Best Animated Feature Film. At a time when women’s voices are coming to the forefront, the story of a young girl using her voice for what she believes in is more relevant than ever. Recognizing stories like Parvana’s helps point to the importance of women and girls being heard around the world,” said Director Nora Twomey.

The Breadwinner is an animated feature film that tells the story of Parvana, a 12-year-old girl who gives up everything to provide for her family and reunite with her father.

Based on Deborah Eilis’s novel, the film spans the autumn of 2001 in Kabul, Afghanistan just as the Taliban regime began to fall. The book has been published in more than 40 editions and translated into many languages.

The film received ten nominations for the upcoming Annie Awards and was named Best Animated Feature by The Los Angeles Film Critics Association. It also received a Golden Globe nomination.

The film is a co-production between Cartoon Saloon, Aircraft Pictures and Melusine with compositing by Guru Studios in Toronto and Hollywood actress and human rights activist, Angelina Jolie is an executive producer on the film.

The Breadwinner will premiere in Ireland as part of the Dublin International Film Festival on February 22.

Image: Director Nora Twomey

Source: Cody, Mary; Kilkenny People