Nova Jones in production

JAM Media are currently in production with ‘Nova Jones’ for CBBC. This 10 x 24-minute hybrid musical series follows 18-year-old pop star Nova Jones and her tween sister on a concert tour through the galaxy. On her space tour, she drops out of this world singles, killer albums, and plays sell-out gigs to her fans across the universe. Nova Jones is the biggest star in the galaxy. 

The hybrid series mixes live action shoot, animation, VFX and post production to achieve its unique visual style and settings. This production was shot entirely under covid conditions with in-studio personnel restricted to essential-only crew, remote working will be used when it’s possible and reduced interactions between cast and crew will be necessary. In addition, the production maintains social distancing in JAM’s studios by paring down physical sets and using more green screens during the production. CG crowd simulations will also be implemented to decrease the use of extras. 

Nova Jones is currently in its final weeks of the live-action shoot elements in Belfast and Dublin.

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