New Feature: Rangle Connecting Productions with Crew

Rangle is a brand new service for production companies and crew dedicated to providing an easier way to check crew availability. Rangle don’t do the hiring, but simply check who might be available for your production, maximizing your time and budget….. Just makes things easier for everyone.

Rangle is changing the landscape of how companies connect with available crew. Animation is the busiest and most robust sector that Rangle covers, and we want to do it right. We want to take the headache away from finding skilled animators and streamline the entire process.

Rangle is building a database of skilled crew from not only Ireland, but all over the world so when a production needs a 3D rigger, they can simply push out the notification and get a clear list back for who is available for the dates. The intention is to gather a significant international crew base for the animation sector before launching a full scale marketing drive to animation companies. The top companies here are ready to use Rangle and we are working to build the best service we can before we get them pushing.


Rangle would like to invite all crew across all sectors to join us on the (free) App and help us build something big for our industry, together.

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Rangle is proudly supported by the Irish Film Board and Creative Europe Media