Nelly & Nora launched on Netflix for Easter!

Geronimo Productions’ Nelly & Nora launched on Netflix April 7th – the SVOD has picked up Season 1 Episodes 1-26 and the series is now available to view on this platform. RTEjr and Cbeebies have been screening the series for some time now with top ratings. The series has been sold around the world and is distributed by BBC Studios and books are published by Walker Books. Licensing and Merchandising are dealt with by “Brands With Influence (BWI)” based in the UK.

Nelly & Nora is based around 2 sisters on a perpetual family holiday in a camping park beside the sea. Alongside the girls and their family the other main character is the Weather. Whatever the Weather the girls just have creative play and make their own small world a magnificent playground of fun.  We have every weather scenario across the series and in good Irish fashion sometimes four seasons in a single episode.

Nelly & Nora can still be viewed on RTEjr in both English and Irish Language across Season 1 & 2