Monster Entertainment sells 5 animation series into the US in advance of their launch at MIP Jr

Monster Entertainment will launch 5 new animation series at MIP Jr and has already made deals to  place them all with US broadcasters. The Charlie Shepherd Show has been picked up by Kidstream  while Fia’s Fairies, Storytime with Ms. Booksy, Zizi and Hannibal and Once Upon… My Story have all  been picked up in a pre-emptive pre-market swoop by Condista’s Kids Street Pay TV channel. 

Fia’s Fairies 26×5′ 3D animation for 3-7 year olds produced by Ireland’s Little Moon 

Every day, Fia and her best friend Ameer take a journey to Fairy World where they learn an  enchanting second language through exciting adventures with the fairies and all their magical  friends. As well as teaching Fia and Ameer new words in their additional language, they also teach  them about kindness, acceptance, and bravery – all whilst bringing our young audience along for the  fun! The series is being funded by RTEJr, Screen Ireland, BAI and the Section 481 tax incentive. 

Ms. Booksy, 30 x 7, for 4-8 year olds is a magical and whimsical storyteller who literally jumps into  classic fairytales bringing the well-known stories and characters to life with her own unique twist.  The animated StoryTime series delivers fantastical stories with familiar themes and relevant  messages. These modern tales have creative twists to empower today’s girls and show them they  can do anything they set out to do. From multi award-winning US entertainment company, Drive  Studios and is a new spin-off from the hit You Tube series, which has had 1.5 billion views.

Zizi & Hannibal, 26 x 11 mins, for 4-8 year olds, was produced by Pixcomm South Africa with  assistance from South Africa’s Department of Trade, Industry and Competition, South Africa’s  Industrial Development Corporation and SABC. The series follows Zizi, a clever and curious little girl  and her best friend, a happy-go-lucky hippo called Hannibal. In each episode Zizi uses her  imagination to enter a magical world, where she learns all about the wonderful animals of Africa.  

The 30 x 2.5 mins series, Once Upon My Story, for 3-6 year olds series is produced by the Canadian  production company, Maki Media, , for Canadian broadcasters TFO and Unis, and is based on a  unique premise like no other. Six-year-olds were asked by the production team to make up a story  on the spot and those stories were then brought to life by animation. What happens when you ask a  six-year-old to come up with a story? The answer is pretty much anything! In these stories  everything is possible: frogs can fly, cookies grow on trees and a bunk bed is sailed just like a ship.  Once Upon My Story is a thoroughly charming and deeply original series that acts as at testament to  the power of imagination and offers a unique insight into how children see the world. The series was  nominated for a Pulcinella Award at Cartoons on the Bay and the series won in the Creativity and  Imagination category and took home the People’s Choice Award in the preschool category at  Canada’s Youth Media Awards of Excellence. 

The Charlie Shepherd Show 26 x 11 mins for 4-7 year olds from Brazil’s TV Pinguim, producers of the  hit show Earth to Luna, this is an animated talk show hosted by a funny and clumsy sheep who  interviews all sorts of everyday objects. Humour, originality, unusual questions and funny answers!  exclusive interviews with hard – hitting, never before asked questions! 

Kidstream. there is no other TV service like it for Kids. We choose the best from around the world  and put it in a safe place, so you can feel good about what your kids watch.  

Kids Street- 

Kids Street is a children’s television network that provides fun, entertainment and learning  opportunities for children (3-7 years old) and families. Kids Street goes the extra mile to create and  maintain a parent-approved environment.  

Monster Entertainment- Monster Entertainment is a brand management company which develops entertainment brands and  distributes them worldwide. While Monster handles a diverse range of programming in the areas of  children’s programming, music TV and documentaries, the core business is mainstream children’s  animation.