Monster Entertainment closes raft of sales for The Day Henry Met and Earth to Luna

Monster Entertainment has closed a raft of sales for 2 of its hit series, The Day Henry Met and Earth  to Luna  

Season 4 of The Day Henry Met has been picked up by RAI in Italy, Condista’s Kids Street channel in  the US, TVO and TFO in Canada, while all 4 seasons have been picked up by Noggin, Toon Goggles,  Kedoo, Notio, HITN, Proj4 Ukraine, UnitelT, Dreamscape, Azoomee, Filmin, Poetic Brands,  

Telecoming, CCTV & Hainan Airlines in China, Globo for SVOD in Brazil, RAI Series 1 renewal, Canal  Plus SVOD rights in France, Stan & Virgin Airlines in Australia, Zebracom, Oznoz, Common Sense  Media, RUV in Iceland and SAS Scandinavian Airlines.  

The Day Henry Met has proven itself to a global hit, currently airing in 192 countries. The series airs  on Nick Jr almost worldwide and on a wide range of free tv channels and on many SVOD platforms. A  robust merchandising, licensing and publishing programme is underway in multiple territories 

Every day Henry meets something new –

The day Henry met a compass!  

The day Henry met a cookbook!  

The day Henry met a Surfboard! 

How exciting, I wonder what Henry’s going to meet today? 

Earth To Luna Seasons 5 & 6 have been picked up by Ceska Televize in Czech Republic, Season 6 and  7 by TG4 in Ireland, Season 7 by Condista’s Kids Street in the US who have also renewed Season 5,  Canal Plus Myanmar, Oznoz, Common Sense Media, Unitel T, Emirates, Virgin & Qantas airlines  Australia and Viet Jet Vietnam, have all bought the series recently.  

Luna is a six-year-old girl who’s passionate about one thing, and one thing only: science! For Luna,  the earth is a giant laboratory that she explores with boundless energy and enthusiasm. What most  of us ignore, Luna notices and obsesses over until she is able to explain it herself, in her own unique  way. This is a series that promises to spark a curiosity in the world around us. The series airs in over  150 countries and Season 8, which is all about inventions, is currently starting production, which will  mean that there will be 208 x 11 mins episodes available. There is a very successful merchandising  and licensing programme in place for this hit series.