Memento Mori’s highly successful festival run

Boulder Media debuted their newest short film, Memento Mori at the Galway Film Fleadh last July.

The short, written and directed by Senior Television Director Paul O’Flanagan takes place on a stormy night in Victorian Dublin. 

Henry Huxley, voiced by Mark Gatiss, is a post-mortem photographer receiving his latest subject, a recently deceased young woman. 

‘Memento Mori’ means ‘Remember Death’, and this night, and this encounter with the dead young woman will be unforgettable.

The short went on to win the ‘James Horgan Best Animated Short Award’ at the Fleadh as well as ‘Runner Up Best Short Film’ at Waterford Film Festival and ‘Best Character Based Short’ at the Los Angeles Animation Festival and has been screened at numerous festivals this year including Austin Film Festival, Manchester Animation Film Festival and Spark Animation Festival.

A new website for the short was launched recently where you can find updates on upcoming festival dates, reviews and images from the film.

Memento Mori joins 83 other qualifying shorts on the Oscar’s longlist for Best Animated Short 2022.

If you can’t wait to see the short at a festival near you soon you can check out the trailer here