Lighthouse Studios to bring Little Ellen to life!

Kilkenny based Lighthouse Studios continues on its growth trajectory, recently announcing a recruitment drive for Little Ellen, a new Warner Bros show about the life of a young Ellen DeGeneres. While some of the studio’s usual platforms for talent attraction, such as job fairs and animation festivals, have taken on new forms in 2020, adaptability is the name of the game at Lighthouse. As such, the recruitment team has been busy participating in new initiatives, such as August’s Virtual Recruitment Expo, and is happy to report that the crew for Little Ellen is already almost complete!

In more positive news from the studio, three graduate trainee positions have been offered to applicants from Screen Skills Ireland and Animation Skillnet’s Animation Traineeship 2020. The traineeship is due to start on Monday 28th of September, with the selected participants joining the studio for a duration of three months. This comes on the back of the appointment of Kevin Quigley to the role of Skills and Development Coordinator, a role that is instrumental in shaping future training programmes and create opportunities for upskilling within the studio – a significant hire for a studio that has made no secret of its commitment to career development.

Unfortunately, renewed restrictions on numbers for outdoor gatherings meant that Lighthouse had to cancel its summer picnic at the last minute – leaving specially ordered cakes from talented local baker, Olivia Lyng, at risk of going to waste. Not so unfortunate for the intrepid crew members, however, who stepped up to the challenge and helped to give those cakes a home!

Claire Finn, MD at Lighthouse Studios and newest Board Member of Animation Ireland

Last but by no means least, Lighthouse Studios was delighted to announce the recent appointment of Claire Finn, Managing Director, to the board of Animation Ireland. This appointment is the second of its kind for Claire, who also recently joined the board at Lighthouse itself. Claire is already a huge advocate for the industry and will contribute to AI’s mission of promoting Ireland’s indigenous animation sector both at home and abroad.