Jessy and Nessy finalist for the Japan prize 2020

JAM Media: We are honoured to have been part of the JAPAN PRIZE 2020 as a finalist with our Amazon Prime video series – Jessy & Nessy in the pre-school division. The prestigious Japan prize aims to contribute to the development of educational broadcasting and media worldwide by awarding audiovisual content that shows high quality educational effects. 

Jessy and Nessy, a new preschool series about a young girl with magical spectacles and a curiosity that needs feeding began streaming on Amazon Prime Video in March and the next batch of episodes were launched in August 2020 with more to come. In the series Jessy’s Inspectacles allow her to see a whole hidden world full of animated characters. Jessy relies on her human and animated community, to help her understand her world in a fun, imaginative, heartfelt way. Inspired by a desire to make glasses a positive thing for kids, the show’s mixed media approach allows it to ground the world of animated characters and puppets in reality through the character of Jessy.