JAM Media: Jessy & Nessy Awards and Becca’s Bunch!

Becca’s Bunch continues to Take Flight Internationally! The innovative preschool series from award-winning producer JAM Media, continues its global adventure, securing a slew of new international broadcast deals following Kidscreen, with such broadcasters as DR (Denmark), SVT (Sweden), NRK (Norway), YLE (Finland) and RTS (Switzerland). These new partners in the Nordics and Switzerland join a growing list of international broadcasters on board Becca’s Bunch, such as Nickelodeon (globally including the UK & US), ABC (Australia), CBC (Canada), France TV (France), KiKA (Germany) and Channel 5’s Milkshake! in the UK. Further deals are in the pipeline. The series is centered around a little bird named Becca, a born leader who is always encouraging children to think big, be adventurous and never give up. Becca and pals – Pedro, Russell and Sylvia – go on adventures all around Wagtail Woods, solving problems and having fun along the way.


The world premiere of Jessy & Nessy on Amazon Prime was on Friday March 13th. Jessy and Nessy, a new preschool series about a young girl with magical spectacles and a curiosity that needs feeding has been streaming on Amazon Prime Video from Friday 13th March. The 40 x 11’ series was made by Jam Media. Jessy’s Inspectacles allow her to see a whole hidden world full of animated characters. Jessy relies on her human and animated community, to help her understand her world in a fun, imaginative, heartfelt way. Inspired by a desire to make glasses a positive thing for kids, the show’s mixed media approach allows it to ground the world of animated characters and puppets in reality through the character of Jessy.

From the Editors: The colorful and engaging series uses mixed-media to create a magical world in which Jessy and the Scottish-accented Nessy actively set out to learn new things. It reinforces character strengths and life skills — such as remaining curious and being able to work in teams — in a way that is simple and upbeat enough for young children to understand.
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Jessy, a kind and inquisitive ukulele-strumming girl, and Nessy, a centuries old Scottish purple sea monster, are best friends. Together, they have lots of questions, or as they call them “curiosities” to solve: Where can we find quiet? How can I help you so you’re not afraid? Why is the Moon out during the day? Along the way, they meet and enlist help from friends like Muriel the Narwhal, clouds named Nimbus and Ciera, and their tallest friend called Huge Ian. In their world, Nessy adores mustard sandwiches, fun, friendship and collaboration are practiced not preached, and the expression of disappointment is “Pickles and Peas!” – with nary a saccharine second to be found. Leading by example, Jessy and Nessy guide their friends and encourage viewers to be curious, ask questions and find their way to the answer. Thanks to social-emotional acumen likely learned in Mister Rogers Neighborhood, artful script writing, the tremendously capable young actor Sophie Feldman (Jessy), Jamie Buchanan’s embodiment of Nessy, stellar character voice talent, and vibrant mixed media design, young viewers will absorb age appropriate lessons about life, science, and the importance of seeing the extraordinary in ordinary things. Kudos to JAM Media and Amazon Studios for creating this imaginative, sensitive and smart series.
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Source: JAM Media