INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Five key things to know about the animation industry in Ireland

Ireland’s animation industry has undergone substantial growth in the last decade, now employing between 1,500 – 2,000 people across the country.

Here are five key things you need to know about the industry, which has become a firm fixture in our digital and creative economy.

One: Players & Representation

Some of the main players in the industry in Ireland include Brown Bag Films, Salty Dog Pictures, and Pink Kong Studios.

The industry is represented by Animation Ireland, which was formally launched in 2016 with the main aim of raising the profile of Irish animation studios internationally and promoting Ireland as the best destination in the world to get animated content produced.

Two: Economic Spend

According to a pre budget report from Animation Ireland, the economic spend from the amination sector can range between €50m and €100m in any one year. Just under two thirds of that spend is Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), meaning that €30m to €60m from foreign sources is been invested directly into the Irish economy.

Three: Major Success

One of the industry’s biggest successes is Doc McStuffins, a show that is owned by Disney but designed directed and animated by Brown Bag Films. This show generates over $1bn per year in Licencing revenue

Four: Sources of Funding

The industry reviews funding from a number of sources, including Rte, the Irish Film Board – which contributes roughly 15pc of the yearly development and production budgets to the animation sector – and the Broadcasting Association of Ireland, which contribute 8pc of its development and production budget to the animation sector

Five: Drivers for growth

There are several factors which will drive growth in the industry according to the Animation Ireland report.

These include increased digital access to customers, the recruitment of key talent, increased funding, and the attraction of more FDI.

FDI is key, as the majority of any budget for an animated production in typically sourced through FDI, with a production budget typically breaking down as being 32pc Irish investment and 68pc international investment.

Source: Donnelly, Ellie. Irish Independent: Business; July 22 2018