Goat Girl a hit at Cartoon Forum!

This year, Daily Madness returned to Cartoon Forum with their new project, Goat Girl. The 2D animated comedy series for kids 6-11 proved to be a big hit with buyers across Europe and made it in top ten viewed pitches of 2020. 

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Developed fully in-house, Goat Girl is co-created by Shannon George and Kristina Yee (aka ‘Creating Madness’) with Art Direction by Adam Kavanagh and Krystal Georgiou is attached as Series Director. Daily Madness Founder and Producer, Lindsey Adams, is now in the process of taking the project to MIPCOM 2020 for follow-up meetings after Forum’s success. 

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Tarzan was raised by apes. Mowgli was raised by wolves. Gigi was raised by… goats! This is the story of Gigi, a 13–year-old girl who just happens to have been raised by mountain goats. But now that she’s a teenager, her Nanny and Billy think it’s time that Gigi spread her wings (er… horns?), so this year she will attend a boarding school called Good Enough Academy and, for the first time in her life, spend time around actual people. GOAT GIRL is a quirky comedy with a hero who tackles every challenge with a goat-like stubbornness and strength. Gigi’s journey is about being comfortable in your own skin, being happy being you, and embracing your differences and even your quirks!

Developed with the assistance of Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland

#GoatGirl #FindingYourHerd #YouAreGoodEnough

For more information regarding Goat Girl and Daily Madness projects, please contact lindsey@dailymadnessproductions.com