Further guidelines released for Screen Ireland COVID-19 supports

Last week, Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland announced a further range of stimulus supports for the Irish screen industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, to provide practical and effective funding measures to support production companies and creative talent in developing a strong slate of quality projects, so that the industry can emerge from the current situation in a position to scale up production activity.

Guidelines for the following funds have now been released, with further updates to come:

  1. Strategic Slate Development Fund
  2. Enhanced Project Development Fund
  3. Strategy and Financial Planning Support for Companies

In addition, direct support for screenwriters will come in the form of enhanced investment in the existing Screenplay Development and Spotlight Schemes, with €100,000 allocated between the two funds, allowing for more flexibility in funding budgets and an increased number of participants on the structured new writers scheme.

For more details on funding schemes, deadlines and how to make an application, please visit our Funding section.

Source: Screen Ireland News, 24th April 2020.