Football at Annecy – Animation All Stars Take To The Pitch

On June 14th, Tuesday evening at 6pm, 13 brave souls from the animation industry gathered for a football match in the searing 31 degree temperatures on an astro pitch next to the Imperial Hotel. The stage was set for a mighty match up. ElClásico – Orange vs Blue.

Resting in the foothills of the French Alps, this premium astro turf was about to bear witness to a match for the ages. The match would last 50 minutes in total and was played over five 10 minute segments. The oranges took an early lead after just 30 seconds of play but would end the first 5th 4-1 down.

Blues 4 – Oranges 1

During second 5th the pace slowed down as the players began to feel the full effects of the heat. Only 1 goal was netted bringing the oranges to within 2.

Blues 4 – Oranges 2

Water breaks were a must and as some much needed shade started to spread across the pitch, the teams found their form. After 2 more segments of end to end football, the score was tied at 5 a piece.

Blues 5 – Oranges 5

Both teams entered the final 5th segment cautiously, neither wanting to give away possession. Shots were peppered in from long distance, narrow offsides were called, big saves were made but ultimately it was the blues who would prove victorious, netting 3 goals in the final 10 minutes to end the match 8-6.

Blues 8 – Oranges 6.

The match was a huge success and the hope is to host another one next year. So if you plan to be in Annecy in 2023 we would love to see you there.